Save The Wave Family and Children's Centre.
The Wave Children and Family Centre

Please pray

For the vulnerable children and families that will be affected by the recent proposals to change the early years services.

For those that are facing uncertainty over their jobs.

For the right decisions to be made and pray those decisions will benefit the children and families who rely on the services offered at children centres across West Sussex, including “The Wave Centre”.

And pray for strength and wisdom for the church as we endeavour to support the communities around us.


I gained valuable experience in supporting others and teamworking here.


The Wave Centre has turned my neurodiverse teens life round. She has accessed a variety of groups there and events when younger so felt a safe place. The unique layout gave her safe spaces to be in when struggled to engage with others either needing time alone or to chat to someone about important issues. She then when out of school for a long period of time was asked to volunteer in the cafe – an environment that she was naturally drawn to – but she tried and it excelled so much she has now chosen this line of work as her future.


We have used the Wave from pregnancy all the way through  – midwife appointments, twin midwife appointments, weigh ins for both twins, including my baby who is under the dietitian, stay and play, social meet ups with other parents in the cafe. It has been a great resource for when I needed support when my twins were small and one was very poorly, it was hard to get out but knowing there was support was invaluable.

If the Wave wasn’t there when my twins were small, my boy would have been undiagnosed for a lot longer, meaning a lot of pain for him and sleepless nights for the whole family, I’d hate to think about other families not having this support.


I visited The Wave extensively before lockdown accessing vital services such as the baby weigh clinic, the milk feeding session, discover baby group and baby massage. This was a fantastic safe space for the community. In other venues as a new mum I felt vulnerable but this was our home from home. We were looking forward to going back and making more of the stay and play sessions now my daughter is over and other groups run at this place including baby music sessions. I felt confident to meet with new mum friends here as a place that has all the facilities for children and catering so that we could all enjoy a baby friendly meet up. I’m so sad to hear this fantastic multifunctional space faces closure. Seeing the older generation able to enjoy economically priced hot food here whilst interacting with little ones is a rare and very valuable experience that should be part of our future.


I first used the Wave for maternity appointments then baby clubs once baby was born. Being new to the area and a new 1st time Mum the groups were a lifesaver for me. I Met like minded Mums and Dads and made new friends. It’s a great safe place to relax grab a coffee and a (really nice) cake. I was looking forward to joining the toddler groups after lockdown. It would be a great shame if the Wave was to close and a loss to the community.


This was a lifeline for me and made many friends here. I dread to think of the outcome if this closes and who will take personal responsibility for this decision?


A local space for families and midwife Appointments. The area has lots of young mums who need support in all areas of raising a family. The wave offers a safe space to do this in. It also provides social opportunities for new and/or lonely mums to make friends. This Is imperative for not only the mental health of women but also the socialisation of their children.


The Wave has always been very supportive in providing support to adults with learning disabilities. It is a fantastic resource with great staff and it would be a great loss if closed down.


I have used the weigh in clinic for both of my children, we have met up with friends in the cafe and both of my daughters have been to the playgroup one of which is still at Jack in the Box.


Eleven years ago, as a new resident of Worthing with a new baby, The Wave was a hub of warmth, smiles, safety and good food. It became the place to get a warm drink on a rainy, lonely day, where I met friendly faces and got information about local groups and activities. I loved how the cafe was filled with young and old and felt so welcoming. With our nation’s mental health on decline we need, more than ever, those welcoming community spaces, not run for profit. Please don’t close the Wave, there are those for whom it is a lifeline. I know I would have been sadder and lonelier without it.


I have used the wave to take my disabled brother and my mum to lunch very often they love going there, the staff are lovely, meals are great it will be a sad thing to lose. My daughter has also used some services in here and have been a great help.


My youngest daughter goes to jack in the box play group, she loves her play group. We used to use the centre for antenatal appointments. The staff are amazing there. The cafe did some lovely food and was alway busy with all ages group. Often there were elderly people having lunch and a good chats up. Me and my family would pop in for lunch. My eldest daughter school used the church for Christmas plays . If this centre was to close it woukd effect the whole community. If it wasnt for covid 19 it would still be busy having the 27,000 people coming through the door.


Enabling families, children’s health checks, lunch in the cafe, Jack in the Box preschool, maternity checks, weigh in for babies. Please stop shutting down places! These are needed. Where else are we meant to go?


Attended adoption support groups – these sessions enable our children to understand that there are other adopted children out there. They also enable parents to share experience and provide support for each other. The Wave Centre is ideal for these groups due to the various areas whereby kids of all ages can play safely.


I used the Milk breastfeeding support group and a number of activities and groups for new mums. I received a huge amount of support from the Milk group. The friends I made at the wave are still my friends now even though our eldest kids are almost 12. I used the cafe regularly to meet friends when both of my sons were young.


As a local to this centre, it has been a hugely supportive place for me to come as an expectant and then new mum. This was a vital place for me to be able to locally visit my midwife during a challenging pregnancy. Once my baby was born, I was then able to come back weekly to access the premature babies support group which enabled me to get her weighed and checked up. I wasn’t able to drive for 6 weeks, so this was invaluable to have so locally. As my daughter grew up, I was also able to access the lovely play centre. I also met other new mums there for an affordable lunch which we could enjoy while enjoying the rest bite of having a place for our toddlers to play too. The benefits to our mental health to have somewhere locally to drop into to get some social interaction with similar mums was hugely important to me.

Lastly, I also accessed the MILK clinic when my baby was very young. Again, I accessed this within the first 6 weeks of her life – when I was unable to drive, so having somewhere local was vital to me. In all honesty, if I had been faced with the option of getting a taxi or public transport to another clinic, I probably wouldn’t have gone due to the exhaustion of early parenthood, and therefore may not have continued to breastfeed my baby.

Please keep this vital resource open!


The children’s centre was a life line after i had my daughter, to make new mum friends and for a place to take my baby to learn, sing, play and interact. I also love to fo there weekly for lunch with friends and my mum. There are allot of families and elderly people that go there every day for a meal and some where to socialise. After the pandemic and being coped up for so long people will need this more now than ever. Especially new mums, mums with post natal depression and lonely people.


The Wave Centre is an oasis of friendships. Wonderful meeting place and place of safety and fellowship for both old and young,disabled and new babies and children of all ages. As it is safe place for young mums to meet and make friends. Ridiculous idea to close somewhere that is truly expressing community values in our community.


We as a family have used the wave for nearly 6 years now. When my daughter was born, the centre was instrumental in helping me through a period of post natal depression. Seeing the midwives and health visitors regularly and having them to talk to was so helpful, as were the baby groups and talking to other parents. With my son we used it as a meeting place again to meet other parents at the weigh clinics, socialise him with other babies and we have very much missed these vital services during COVID. If the centre were to close this would put a much heavier pressure on local GP surgeries as I would be much more likely to visit a GP to question any worries about babies health, whereas now I am msy likely to pop along and ask the health visitors at the wave.


My Granddaughter attends The Wave Children’s Centre. This day care is essential to allow my daughter-in-law to work. When I collect my granddaughter I use the cafe facilities. It is an important centre for local mums, the elderly and other local residents providing an essential service and must not be allowed to be shut down.


The wave family centre has been amazing place to go to over the years with my two girls. Its a friendly, welcoming place. It’s a fantastic way to meet with other parents as well as meeting new parents. It’s a place I can go for advice if I have a question or if I am unsure about something regarding my two girls. It’s somewhere I can go to weigh my girls and speak a chance to speak to the health visitors. The wave family centre has definitely improved my mental health since giving birth to my first daughter. It would be really sad to see the family centre go, I do think it helps so many families.


Baby groups/support groups – my regular go to place when I was a new mum! Friendly staff and a place to go to for support! My midwife appointments, cafe with my elderly family members, I’ve been on West Sussex run courses in the early years sector which get held there.


The wave is so important as a place we can meet out friends that is child friendly and local that are so few places like that in the local area.


I used the baby group for premature babies who were in SCBU (Ickle Roo’s) and I genuinely wouldn’t have got through the earlier stages of being a mum without that support. A first time (younger) mum to a baby born very prematurely was terrifying. However I spent a lot of time in the Wave and saw it as a place where I was safe to ask questions and be me. The cafe was such a lovely area to meet other mums and get support with a range of problems from more experienced parents! It would be a terrible shame for other mums locally to lose such a valuable place.


The Wave Centre is a must for everyone in the area, especially the children. They cannot speak for themselves, but I know they would be very upset if it was closed.


We have used the wave for weigh ins and health and development of our two children. And it would be something future parents would really miss if it were to go.


I have used the wave multiple times, to see the midwife, to attend baby weigh ins, as a meet up point, to vote etc. As a person who does not drive, having this local centre has made a huge difference. It will be a disgrace to lose such a valuable centre.


Our grandchildren attended the nursery there, we’ve been to nativity plays there since we still use it as a meeting place for family when we visit from Wales.


The Wave has been a massive part of my life since having my children. I have attended midwife appointments here, 2 year checks with health visitors, attended baby and toddler classes, taken my children to play in the play room, regularly used the cafe, and my eldest son attended the pre-school Jack in the Box. Having somewhere to access support that is local and part of the community is so important when you have a baby/young children. It would be an absolute tragedy if the wave was forced to close. The impact it would have on babies, children, their parents and the local community would be incredibly negative and detrimental.


Before and during my maternity leave, I used the Wave for midwife appointments, weight ins, milk! group, stay and play, moo music and cafe (and the toilet for baby changing) it is an invaluable space and a great example of a community space, with the cafe offering lunches to older people too. It was always busy and I could always find someone to talk to, vital as I don’t have family nearby and sometimes felt quite isolated.


The Wave is a safe welcoming place where they do the freedom programme for ladies who have been thru domestic violence I have used this twice for both twelve weeks and I’m waiting on going back for the recovery tool kit course next. We meet there we feel safe, well looked after by the freedom programme staff to the reception and the fear staff in the canteen if we lost this place of safety support and for many a lifeline it would be a disaster as there aren’t a place like this where we feel private safe and supported from our abusers . Please don’t close the wave it really is our safe place we trust and invaluable service . The coffee shop is brilliant even for a light lunch or drink for the elderly and low income families and after abuse we rely on this to be able to afford just a cup of tea in a safe place if support.


I have used the centre for both my children, fantastic support with early learning, new mother, children’s parties, support for parents etc.


Jack in the Box, Toy Library, cafe. Met up with other new mums providing support to each other. It kept me sane!!


I have used it for a break or a toilet stop as a community midwife. It was nice to have somewhere I would know would be open to use as a toilet stop as this can be difficult for community workers. It’s was a friendly place to stop and have a lunch break, better than sitting in the car. I am now a foster carer and had plans to use the facilities with the children in my care.

As a community midwife I have held clinics here. It is invaluable having these clinics amid the community, as it makes them available for all. Some members of the community can’t travel due to finances so would not be such good attendees if the clinic was not at the Wave, by coming to the clinic they see what else goes on and this leads to them using the Wave once they become parents. For some coming to The Wave is the only time they see someone, if new to the area they have made friendships and support network, I could list and list all the reasons this centre should stay open but maybe the people who want to close it should look at the reasons it was open to start with because that’s why it is needed.

Susan K

Help us in our opposition to the proposed closure of the Wave Family and Children’s Centre…

The Wave Family and Children’s Centre has served the community of Broadwater and the surrounding area for many years. In that time lots of vulnerable families have used and continue to use these services in Broadwater and across West Sussex. In 2019 before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wave Family and Children’s Centre was seeing over 28,000 people come though it’s doors over the course of the year. A trend that would likely have continued had it not been for the disruption caused by the coronavirus.

West Sussex County Council are using the forced closures over the last year as the basis of a proposed permanent closure of the majority of these centres in the county. This is part of a raft of proposals to change how Early Help provision is provided by the County Council. The Wave is included as one of the centres which are proposed to close with only one centre in the area remaining open to service the entire borough of Worthing.

Broadwater Baptist Church is opposed to these cuts, which is a lifeline to many young families and also to those with older children and young adults too. We hope you can join us in the opposition by undertaking some of the actions below to show the County Council that their plans are detrimental to the community as a whole and to those of greatest need which the Wave currently serves a significant number. Help us to save the Wave today – time is short so please help where you can. Thank you.

Latest News

As we continue to oppose the closures of WSCC children’s centres and The Wave in particular – below you’ll find the link for the public meeting to save the WSCC Children’s centres. The meeting is Thursday 8 April, 7:30 pm. To join the Zoom call at the date and time above please click this link.

To see more details the full post from the organisers please click here.

Please pass on the details to everyone who might be affected or involved with the Wave, friends and family, and especially anyone who might want to hear more about what they can do to help.

West Sussex County Council Early Help public consultation is now live

Information about the public consultation on the changes to WSCC early Help services and the closure of Family and Children’s Centres can be found here:

A short survey to gauge public opinion is also here:

Please take the time to let West Sussex County Council know your views and don’t miss the comments section in the survey and make sure you add your thoughts. There are also details of several Early Help Redesign Consultation Public Online Events on the ‘Your Voice’ page so see if you can join in with any of those.

Tell us about your positive experiences using the Wave Family and Children’s Centre by writing a testimonial:

Having trouble viewing the form below? Use this link instead.

Download the poster

Write to your Worthing & County Councillors and your local MP:

Could you write to your local borough councilor, county councilor and MP? Ask them to vote against the closures of Children and Youth Centres in West Sussex, including the Wave – here at Broadwater Baptist Church.

What you need to do:

Find your local MP, borough and county councilors, make a note of their email addresses and include all on your email recipients to send to – these can be found on the links below:

Make the email personal but try to include the pointers below…

  • Subject line : Will you represent my view on the opposition to the closure of the West Sussex Children and Family Centres please?
  • Hello (insert names of the councilors and MP’s),
  • Local connections (i.e. Lived in Worthing X years, short family history)
  • Opposition to WSCC’s closure to all Children/Youth centres…
  • That use of all centres had increased until Covid…
  • Impact of closures on vulnerable… East Worthing and Broadwater particular areas of need.
  • Believe that the proposed closures are financially driven.
  • Not in the best interest of the vulnerable and children and families in general… (add that the expected savings over the next four years only add up to £37 perday for each 55 centres.)
  • Poor timing of consultation (covid restricts contact and gathering feedback form users and partners) and the likely need for more services after the effects of the pandemic become fully known.
  • Add specific comments to The Wave – mention your own connection to and experience of, The Wave (Cafe and Children’s Centre)
  • Extra facilities above and beyond “WSCC” Children Centre
  • Meeting areas for Children Centre for all staff
    • NHS Midwife
    • NHS Ickle roos
    • NHS Baby weighing
    • NHS Child development
    • Milk (breast feeding support)
    • Safe in Sussex
    • Sussex amazing parents
    • Meetings with pre school leaders
    • Childminders support meetings
    • Moo Music
    • Jack In the Box (school/family connections)
    • Counselling services for children and families
    • Close links with the schools, continuity of care for families
    • Internet access in the café
    • Brownies
    • Guides
    • Rainbows
    • Foodbank collection
    • Poling station
    • Available space
    • Collecting centre for Period Poverty
    • Bus stop immediately outside
    • Very good car parking facilities
    • Church connection, generosity and support for families
    • Used by a large and verified demographic and age groups
  • All the above add to the understanding the children will gain of community and provide a healthy, holistic experience of the whole of life.
  • Kind Regards
  • Insert name…

Thank you for your time and your help to make our voice’s heard on this important issue.