Welcome to our church and thanks for looking up our website.

Whether you are just browsing or looking to visit us, we hope you will experience something of the warmth of God’s love and of our fellowship.

We particularly pray that you will know God’s love and peace.  This year we will be exploring many aspects of journeying in faith.  There are many activities for you to join with us, not just at our Sunday worship, but also throughout the week on our church premises or around the community.  Do look through these web pages for an insight, but do get in touch through our contact page or come and visit the real thing one Sunday.

Here is our latest Newsletter:

1902, 2017

19 February 2017 – Church Newsletter

Jason and Lauren lead our service this morning. Jason continues to look at life as a Baptist by referring to 1Corinthians chapter 2 to help shed light on meetings. Powerbase, our series of groups for youngsters, continue their sessions after the first part of the service. We hope you feel comfortable on our premises. Stay [...]

Broadwater Baptist Big Church All-In Service

We all have our own style of doing things.

Whether you like to sit still or run around, shout, sing or savour the silence.  Our ‘All-In’ service on the first Sunday of each month takes the opportunity for us all to explore our own way, whatever our age or style.

We spend the hour together as God’s one family, but have the opportunity to try different things.  Sounds interesting or just plain confusing?  Then why don’t you give it a go – 1st Sunday, 10:30 all done within the hour, ready for a nice cup of tea or coffee.

The next one will begin in:

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