At our 10:30am Sunday gathering around 90 people meet who enjoy being together and celebrating the diversity and richness of God’s unique love for each one of us.

Key words for us are variety, community and grace which means we want to show and declare the undeserved generosity of God’s love.  Because we enjoy being together we work at socialising together and being together without making folks feel guilty if they cannot be at every church activity.

Special activities like an annual church camp and our Christmas activities are dear to us, but throughout the year we endeavour to have a programme that has something for most people. We know we are not perfect but we seek to make everyone feel welcome as we grow in faith and love.

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Our hopes and beliefs

We are a Baptist Church, which means that we believe that everyone can meet with God personally and have a living relationship with Him, day by day, through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We are part of the Baptist Union of Churches and if you want to find out more about this Baptist family, visit the Baptist Union web site. It is important to us to show and declare that ‘people matter to God’ and the blessing of being together and growing in faith together is equally important to us.

We hope and pray that our life encourages folk to develop their own personal walk with the Lord. The encouragement is for people to declare their faith in Jesus through Baptism as a believer and to become a member of the Church.  Church Membership is about belonging and saying “I want a say in the future of this church”.  However we also ensure that this church is open to all and there is no sense of being “in” or “out”.  We all matter to God at whatever stage of our spiritual journey we are on.

We recognise that we are also part of the much wider church, and so we welcome people of all Christian traditions to worship with us and share in our service of God. We have strong links with the other local Broadwater churches.

10.30am Sunday Morning Service

This is our main time when we come together for praise and prayer, lasting just over an hour and is followed by refreshments. We passionately believe in, and enjoy a wide variety of worship styles, using the gifts of many of our fellowship.

Sunday Kids and Youth

Powerbase is our Sunday morning kids club when the emphasis is on fun and activity to show the relevance of Christianity to everyone. From crèche through to teenagers, they meet alongside our morning church service event and with a wonderful team of leaders, children and youth can be sure of a good time.

Our Leadership Team

Although many different activities and groups meet at our church, the overall spiritual direction and leadership is provided by the diaconate, a core of church members elected to serve the church for 3 years each.  Working with the minister, they oversee all aspects of church life, from finances to child protection, from pastoral support to major initiatives.  They also act as trustees, ensuring governance of the charity commission requirements.

Our Minister

Jason and Claire arrived at Broadwater Baptist Church in July of 2016 from Hertfordshire. They have three grown up children and originally hail from Oxfordshire. Jason is an engineer by trade but it was while he was working as European Technical Manager of a large Japanese electronics company that he heard the call to full time christian ministry. He trained at Regents Park Baptist College while leading a church and was a pastor of a rural Baptist Church for 10 years. During that time he worked as a sessional chaplain in a local Cat “C” prison, was a governor at the local primary school and was also part of the pastoral team for the school.

“It has been a joy to answer the call to be the minister at Broadwater and from the beginning both Claire and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. It has been great getting to know everyone at the church and in the community. Our prayer is that the church will continue to grow together in faith. A faith, that can move mountains”

Jason and Claire Gain, Minister