25 February 2018 – Church Newsletter

We hope you feel comfortable on our premises and receive a warm welcome.

Please do stay if you can for refreshments after the service, for which there is no charge. Ros, Jason & Paul lead our service this morning which is looking at the parable of the shrewd manager.

Initially we will be all together and then our younger worshipers are invited to attend one of the various ‘Powerbase’ groups. This week they will be exploring more about Abraham.

Our welcome team or any of the regulars can help answer any questions you may have about our church and our life together as a fellowship.


Question of the Week

What are you praying for that is impossible without God?


Women’s World Day of Prayer

All God’s Creation is Very Good! The interdenominational movement of the Women’s World Day of Prayer invites everyone to attend one of over 5,000 services being held on Friday 2nd March with the title ‘All God’s Creation is Very Good!’ We will join an estimated 3 million people around the world that day in a service which has been written this year by the women of Suriname in South

America. Starting in Samoa as the sun rises, and ending as the sun sets off the coast of American Samoa, the service will have been translated into more than 95 languages and 1000 dialects as we are reminded that we have responsibilities in caring for this wonderful world we live in. With its vast rainforest and wealth of resources, Suriname asks us to pray for conservation and the protection of wildlife, through an awareness of pollution, misuse and abuse, as well as for the situation in Suriname and concerns for the future. This is not simply a day of prayer for women, but for everyone who cares about our world and those who live in it. Broadwater Baptist is hosting this years service for our area. All are welcome to join in at 10am on Friday 2nd March . The service will last for about an hour.


Polo Shirts

Linda Rockall will be making a further order for our BBC polo shirts. This is the last call to take advantage and be sure of the best outfit in town!


Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting takes place Thursday 22rd March 2018 7.30pm at the church. As well as our report of the outgoing year and in keeping with our constitution, elections will be held at the AGM against the vacancies on the diaconate. Our constitution allows for up to 9 deacons to be in position, each serving a term of three years. This year there are five vacancies arising.

Nominations for vacant positions are requested from the membership and need to be with the Church Secretary before 8th March 2018. The proposal must be supported by two church members.

For more information, please see Paul Stender, Church Secretary.



Do you enjoy crafting, but would like some company and an opportunity to share your ideas? This Wednesday our Time to Paint session has the chance for craft as well. Bring along your project and join with others in the Horizon’s room. Please see Angela for more details.


Our Regular Events

  • Our Sunday worship is held here at 10:30am
  • 1st Sunday of the month—Big Church, where we are ‘All-in’ 3rd Sunday of the month Communion
  • 3rd Sunday—One Mission Cards, supporting our mission giving.
  • Creche and our ‘Powerbase’ kids groups meet each Sunday
  • Senior Moments 2:30pm 2nd Sunday of the month A time to socialise and enjoy high tea.
  • Prayer Meetings: Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings
  • Home groups are held on various evenings during the week
  • Time to Paint: Wednesdays 1.45pm—4pm including crafts on the last Wednesday of the month.
  • Mexican Train Dominoes Wednesdays 10:30–12:00


AGM Reflections

Ahead of our AGM we will be compiling our annual report. This provides the opportunity for us to reflect and record the many activities that go on in our fellowship during the year. We’d encourage as many people as possible to contribute, a brief note of appreciation would be great and only needs to be a line or two. Please submit these to Lauren by 15th March. Time is ticking, so please get writing!!!


The small print!

The service is recorded each week, we also take photos and use facebook live at some events in line with our privacy policy to help people share in our fellowship. If you don’t want to be in any of these, then please mention it to one of our welcome team. All materials are reproduced under CCLI licence 5717.

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