Welcome to BIG CHURCH – the one where we’re All-ln!

The service this morning will be led by the BIG CHURCH team with help from some familiar friends! A warm welcome is extended to any visitors and you are invited to stay for a cuppa after our time of family worship together.


Today, we’ll be finding out about going against the flow, through the story of Rahab, and how we can do this today.


Through God’s Word, music, drama, discussion, being still, moving, dance, creating, thinking, writing, not writing, watching, listening…and more!


Come ready to meet and be changed by God and grow in relationship with Him.


That the Holy Spirit will inspire and challenge you and that Jesus will be the focus of all our worship.


Please fill up the church from the front and get ready to ‘Go BIG!’


Church Camp

It’s that time of year again! Sign up at the back of church to book your space on this marvellous annual weekend away at Coldwaltham – 13th to 15th July.




  • What were some of the virtues that Rahab displayed?
  • Were Rahab’s actions out of fear? Is a fear of God the right motivation for our actions?
  • The church has sometimes been complicit in doing great wrong, how can we avoid this?
  • Is there a danger of us separating ourselves from people by being different?


  • ‘Compliance’ is a psychological term used to describe the response you make to various social influences ranging from something subtle like advertising to things like bullying; if you’re not careful, it can make us do some pretty bad stuff. Take a look at some examples and think about how they might affect you and what our response should be:
  • At work, your boss tells you to bend a few rules because following them is slowing you down, if anyone finds out then they say they’ll take the blame.
  • Your friends are missing one person to go play football on Sunday morning and say you’re being a bad friend because you’re always doing church stuff.
  • A good friend is getting married but the stag/hen party involves doing something you know you shouldn’t.
  • The church wants to put its official backing behind something that you feel God says is wrong.



Our wonderful café runs as part of the Wave Centre here at church. With it’s great mixture of volunteers and staff it’s able to provide good value meals and refreshments for those in our local community.

Open all week 9am—3pm.


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The small print!

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